We are currently reaching out to Ukrainian developers like you, in and outside of Ukraine to help us build a community website – which would support Ukrainians refugees coming to UK by offering advice and assistance and directing them to a group of UK based volunteers to take the pain out of moving to a new country. We will cover every day needs like accommodation, jobs and general admin work like applying for NI Numbers, registering with doctors, the UK education system and school admissions for those families with young kids.

We intend to grow this site to link up with potential employers to further help the refugees to try to return to as much as possible to a normal life. Our website will focus just on refugees coming to UK.

Together with you, we aim to make this current page to grow into a bilingual portal connecting people and businesses in UK who want to help Ukrainians.

We need WordPress + PHP Plugin Developers, Bloggers and Translators to make this successful!

If you are ready to support our mission, feel free to connect with us by the filling the form.

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